Welcome to Kalpatech Engineers & Industries Ltd :

We are very proud to preface ourselves as foremost processors, suppliers & exporters of non-ferrous products like flat & shape wires and fully automatic high precision rolling mills, copper casting solution Like, continuous casting machine, Dc caster, Slab Caster, VCCP, HCCP etc.

Our credibility has been of the highest standards & consistent over the years. Since our company’s inception to this contemporary.

Every day our intent has always been of gaining absolute market supremacy & complete customer satisfaction. Our vision is to provide respect to all our customers and provide Quality, Productivity, Profitability, and total Customer Satisfaction.

Copper Casting Machine.

The use of Continuous casting for rod and tube casting of different alloys has reduced to great extent. However we supply the HCCP for wider width strips in different copper alloys for specific requirements.
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Wire Flattening Machine

We have state of the art wire flattening mill for the production of different types of Micro sections / shapes & foils of various different alloys such as Copper, Stainless Steel, and Nickel & Nickel based.
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Flat Wires

We produce micro flats wires of different alloys of stainless steel & nichrome as per custom requirements. The shapes vary from simple flat wires to micro squares( with flat or round edges).
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Shape Wires

We produce shapes Wires of different alloys of stainless steel, copper & in any kind of Metal . We furnish an inexplicable range of wires that are available in different shapes(square,rectangular, triangular)
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