Plants For Nichrome Ribbons

We undertake turnkey projects for the production of various Nichrome ribbons such as N 80 / N 60 / N 40 / LT 125 / D 135 and CuNi 44 etc.

We design and manufacture (as per the customer requirements) complete plant for the production of above ribbons. We also erect, commission the plant and transfer the technology and extend all the technical support required during production. The plant consist of

  • Multiple die wire drawing machine.
  • wire flattening mill.
  • Continuous annealed ( with pay off and take up )
  • Ultrasonic diamond dies angle cutting and cleaning machine
  • Diamond dies polishing and lapping machine
  • Four pole resistance measuring instrument
  • Tensile strength and elongation testing machine Buffing machine
  • Computerized spooling machine
  • Complete production software and sticker printers.
  • Packing technology

Wire flattening Plants

The high precision wire flattening mill is shown here is used for rolling fine wire into flats & shapes as desired. The mill consists of pay-off unit, capstan, and two sets of tungsten roll assembly, two mills stands, rewinder & accessories.

PAY-OFF: Motor driven pay-off with state of the art drive to precisely control the back tension. This variable tension controller is used to increase or decrease the back tension depending upon the inlet size of the wire. The die box & capstan is provided to achieve exact inlet diameter. Straighter or stress killing unit is provided prior to the inlet to first mill. The capstan is master drive, which is synchronized with both the mills drive thru. PLC based system. The precise tension & look are maintained by the sets of dancer provided between capstans & of course mill & between 1st & the 2nd mill. The capstan & all the dancer pulleys are with ceramic ring to achieve best of the surface finish. The mills have same drive unit i.e. of Capstan. The helical gearbox in the mills ensures high torque. The construction of mills is highly rigid & compact, which ensures vibration free operations, culminating into high dimensional accuracy in product being produced.

The rolls are made of tungsten carbide sleeves having hardness of about 70 HRC, ground & lapped to very high precision. The screw down mechanism is provided with state of the art specially designed gearbox driven by high torque step synchronous motor. This facilitates the displacement of torque rolls as low as 0.1 micron.

The pass line of the material produced is fixed & mill can be moved across. The wire is guided thru. specially designed tungsten carbide guide. The coolants sprayed at roll bite using American make nozzle & spraying system. The chiller unit is provided to maintain the coolant temperature at 20º C at the time during operations.

Rewinder Unit : Since the path of the wire is fixed, the spool moves on transversing shaft of 36mm diameter. This state of the art ball screw provided to facilitate backlash free traverse of the spool. The traverse motion is synchronized with rotational movement. The pitch can be adjusted from 0 to 5 mm as desired. The rewinder unit is driven with variable tensions of control drives.

Electrical System : The whole electrical system is PLC based. All the variables frequency tension drives are synchronized. Dual operating system is provided. The mill can be also operated thru. touch screen.

We have recently supplied this mill to M/s. Ruby Mica Co. Pvt. Ltd. M/s. Ruby Mica Co. Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in production of Nichrome ribbon. The ribbon was rolled with very close tolerance. The tolerance achieved was thickness ± 2 micron & width ± 10 micron.

Future Development

It is an acknowledged fact that in casting of copper and copper base alloy rods, the rods cast through Vertical Continuous Casting Plants (VCCP) have better quality vis-à-vis rods cast through Horizontal Continuous Casting Plants (HCCP) in terms of ductility, cold-work ability on as-cast rods and casting soundness.

Apart from the qualitative superiority that VCCP castings have over HCCP castings, the constructional structure of the VCCP accords a lot many other advantages over the HCCP. To name but a few –

  • In line thickness measurement system with statistical analysis.
  • SCADA for mill management.
  • Printer for sticker giving statistical analysis for each spool.
  • In line fourteen motors buffing machines.
  • Computerized touch screen operation of course on PC.