SS & MS Wires

Flat Wires  : 

Flat wires, available in Stainless Steel (SS) and Mild Steel (MS).Flat wire is drawn from round wires. It is rolled into a flat cross section into optional sizes through a series of rolling operations and intermediate anneals where necessary. The flat wires are available in different alloys based on various applications

Operating System: Motion Control using Servo Drive technology for precise operations.

Production Capacity: Capable of producing 1.7 metric tons per hour and more, although the actual output depends on the specific product being manufactured.

Types of Flat Wires-

Coiled Form

Wires supplied in a coiled shape, suitable for various applications like springs, connectors, and more, offering flexibility in usage.

Cut Length.

Wires cut to specific lengths, facilitating easier handling and customization for diverse industrial purposes.

Cut Length with Notch:

Similar to cut lengths but with specialized notches or indentations to enable precise fitting or specific assembly requirements.

Cut Length with Forming:

Customized wires cut to length and pre-formed to specific shapes or configurations, streamlining their integration into intricate designs or structures.

SS Rectangular Flat Wire

Flat Wire Image 1
Flat Wire Image 2