Fully & Semi Automatic Rolling Mill

The Fully & Semi Automatic Rolling Mill is a comprehensive industrial system designed for efficient metal processing. It incorporates various components for seamless operation, ensuring high-quality output.

Operating System: The system operates using a sophisticated Motion Control system, incorporating Servo Drives and AC Drives. This advanced control mechanism ensures precise and efficient handling of the rolling process, enhancing accuracy and quality.

Production Capacity: The Fully & Semi Automatic Rolling Mill system boasts a maximum production capacity of 150 Kg/Hr. However, the actual output may vary based on the size and material of the products being processed. The system's efficiency and flexibility make it suitable for handling a wide range of metal materials and product specifications.

Types of Rolling Mill-

Single Head High Precision Rolling Mill.

A Single Head High Precision Rolling Mill is a specialized machine used in metalworking processes to reduce the thickness of metal sheets or wires with high precision. Unlike traditional rolling mills, which may have multiple rollers, the single head rolling mill features a single set of rollers that exert controlled pressure on the material.

This design allows for precise shaping and thinning of the metal, making it ideal for applications where accuracy and fine details are crucial, such as in jewelry making or electronics manufacturing.

Multi Head High Precision Rolling Mill.

A Multi Head High Precision Rolling Mill, on the other hand, employs multiple sets of rollers arranged in tandem. This configuration enables the simultaneous processing of multiple pieces of metal, increasing the production efficiency significantly.

Multi head rolling mills are commonly used in industrial settings where high volumes of accurately shaped metal products are required. The multiple heads allow for parallel processing, reducing the overall processing time and enhancing productivity.