Company Profile.

We are very proud to preface ourselves as foremost processors, suppliers & exporters of non-ferrous products like flat & shape wires and fully automatic high precision rolling mills, copper casting solution Like, continuous casting machine, DC Caster, Slab Caster, VCCP, HCCP etc.


Our credibility has been of the highest standards & consistent over the years. Since our company’s inception to this contemporary.


Every day our intent has always been of gaining absolute market supremacy & complete customer satisfaction. Our vision is to provide respect to all our customers and provide Quality, Productivity, Profitability, and total Customer Satisfaction.

Following are some of the salient features of the products manufactured by us successfully.

Sr. No. Description
Size (in mm)
Nichrome Wires
(80/20 & 60:15)
3.175 X 0.102
0.635 X 0.05
±15 micron i.e. 0.015mm
±0.002mm i.e. 2 micron
Stainless Steel Wire
3.5 X 0.35
(±20 micron) (±5micron)
2.2 X 0.11
(±15 micron) (±2micron)


Core Value.

  •  Integrity.

    Adhering to high ethical principles and standards basing our action on doing right thing at right time for right reason.

  •  Respect

    Valuing the differences in everyone we work with and treating then with dignity and courtesy.

  •  Customer Value.

    Understanding our customer’s need and delivering on our promises.

  •  Accountability

    Having the courage and honesty to accept responsibility to our action.

  •  Innovation

    Embracing and investing in opportunities by leveraging our knowledge and experience.


Why? Kalpatech

  •  Our approach to customer’s requirement is what makes us different from others.

  •  Extensive range of products.

  •  We strive to deliver goods with equal devotion.

  •  we are a regular supplies to various clients across industries.

  •  Our aim is to have long-term customers by offering customer satisfaction along with customer delight .